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Poem for my stepdad

The Measure of a Man


The measure of a man is in his words,

Those both said and unspoken.

Words to lift, to treasure, to show compassion,

Words that will be inspiration to those yet to be.


The measure of a man is in his deeds,

The actions taken to do what is right.

To create, to build, to hold in comfort,

Actions to teach the small eyes to see.


The measure of a man is in how he loves,

With an open heart,

Thoughtful words of advice,

A gentle touch.


He is a man, who is not afraid to show is tears,

His laughter in the company of friends, his pride in his children,

Showing his love for his family, through words and deeds.


This is a man worthy of the name “Father”.



Dec 2006

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